No Luck!

Ok, so far I have researched a butt-load of potential studio photographers and emailed the ones I would work best with the style I agree with.  No Luck.  Not even a response to my emails.  This is tougher than I thought it would be.  I mean seriously, no one wants free labor?  Personally, I could use some free labor myself.  Since I work at Chipotle right now I decided to take on a couple of odd jobs and I’ve been typing my little fingers off with transcriptions.  $130 bucks later I have corpral tunnel lolz.  I don’t even think I spelled that right.

Oh, and on a personal note I got a new kitten.  She is sweet and I named her Mulan to keep in stride with our princess theme on kitten names.  We call her Mu Mu for short.  Check out her pics soon.  She is adorable.  I’ll post pics of my other babies soon.