Ok, so I applied to a magazine today…

www.MissouriLife.com is the website.  They are a local magazine and initially I was just checking out their web site because of what my adviser suggested…I’ll tell you about that later.  Well apparently they are looking for Salespersons.  Granted I’m not a salesmen, but I do have a huge background in office stuff, I worked for a sales company and I want to work at a magazine, hell, my selling point is that I’d do it for cheap!  It’s 20 minutes away in Booneville, so I need to get my car fixed, but I digress.  My point is that this may be a way for me to get into the biz!  What a wonderful opportunity!

Now on to what my adviser said…basically she said to give up. LOL.  She said that I really don’t need the J-School to do what I want and it’s expensive.  Since I got sick at the end of the semester and I can’t get my GPA up to par by the Fall I’m pretty much screwed.  Unless I find a bad-ass job that pays bad-ass money.  But that is unlikely.  So she suggested that I email a couple of people around campus and the owner of Missouri Life was one of those people.  I was checking out their web site and they are hiring and also offer internship opportunities! Sweet Jesus! This could be my way in!

In other news, the guy who wanted me to do a headshot of him has yet to respond.  I’m sick today cuz I can’t get this stupid surgery.  My boss said I need a Dr.’s note and my Dr. is out of town.  So today has had it’s ups and downs, and it’s not over.

Brian if you are out there I’m waiting to take your picture! I’ve got some cool ideas!  😛