Air Show pictures from the 22nd annual salute to Veterans in Columbia…

As promised here are my edited pics from the Air Show.  I was supposed to be there on Saturday, but this week has been crazy, so I decided to go on Sunday.  I also wrote the article for The Maneater that should be out by tomorrow so you all should go check it out and give me some critic.

This was my very first Air Show ever and I was just amazed! No lie!  The freaking plane went backwards for crying out loud!  It was awesome and I wish that I would have went on Saturday to take it all in.  I got to talk to a couple of pilots and another professional photographer.  Actually, I got threatened by a civilian too.  Funny story.  The guy was threatening to call the cops on me because I was 2 feet behind the red tape.  Oh NO!  I’m breakin’ the law.  Some people I swear.  LOL.

Anyhow back to discussing the photographs–I screwed them up.  Oh the whoas of learning things.  I keep forgetting to reset my WhiteBalance so all my photos turned out Blue!  And it was so sunny I couldn’t see my LCD screen to figure it out before I got home. But I fixed it in Camera Raw, which is a handy little feature apparently.

I still wonder about the use of software to manipulate photos in photojournalism.  Obviously it is widely accepted in commercial photography, but what about Photo-J?  I mean can I crop in Photo-J for a newspaper or magazine job?  Can I adjust my WhiteBalance after I take photos and publish them without a disclaimer?  It hasn’t been discussed in the classes that I’ve taken so far, but we’ll see what next semester holds.

Without further delay–  The Air Show, by Nichole Ballard: