Gosh what a great day… what a lovely, lovely day.

So I have tons of awesome news to share.  (Isn’t it funny how things go horribly wrong but then ridiculously right in life; we fight for stability.  That is the key–whether rich or poor stability ’tis stability nonetheless.  Ok, enough of the philosophical life rambling.)  First off I will start backwards, that’s how awesome of a day I had, it’s told backwards.

Arriving home from my awesome day I saw a deep red vinyl love seat about a half-a-block down the street.  There it was in all of it’s vinylny-goodness.  I had to check it out.  I sat on the red plush cushions and it was awesome!  Nothing like the 90’s to carry you home.  The point of my story is that I have been looking for a free love seat to put in the study to read on.  Frankly, sitting in the wooden desk chair is not a comfy place for a long night of reading.  Sooo…. this was my lucky day.  Although there was wear on the cushions, who cares.  It’s comfy and perfect size for me!  OK, so then how on earth do I get it home was the question.  I drag it by myself, of course!  So I drag my new comfy reader down the sidewalk to my apartment.  I had one guy help me for 75 cents, for the sole purpose of having “to buy my girl a beer.”  LoL, some people.  I think his name was David, but don’t quote me on that.  Granted he was in his 50’s so that didn’t last too long and we got it under a tree right outside my apartment.  Mind you that I would not have begun dragging the thing home until Ryan got off work, but it started to rain–that’s kind of a big detail of the story.  So the next best thing to up the stairs was under the tree, where I sat in my comfy vinyl red reader completely out of breath; in the rain.  Nest the guy across the street who has seen me walk Cadence offered to come help, we moved it under the stairs until Ryan finally gets home, which will be shortly.  Now I’m afraid a neighbor will take it LOL.

OK, I found the couch when I got home (which I post pics of soon) from the coolest laundry mat in the universe!  This laundry mat is a) a laundry mat that uses prepaid cards, b) doubles as a tanning salon (which I won’t use but it awesome anyway), c) has corn dogs, nachos and coffee and–the big finale–d) serves beer.  It has a bar that you can drink alcohol at while you do your laundry!  The most intelligent laundry mat creation that I have ever seen.  Oh and besides that it is right next to the craft store, and Village Books.

Which leads me to my other awesome find today: Village Books.  I traded in my old books that I never use and got a $27 credit.  With that I bought a tarot card book, an awesome cookbook and a new Yoga book.  And! I still have five bucks left! It is such a quaint little place and the people, or should I say person, was so friendly.  She really helped me out finding things and figuring out how it all worked. I honestly can’t get over how friendly people are around here.  I must seem like a mega rude bitch sometimes considering how helpful and nice most of the people that I have run across have been to me.  I’m really excited to go back and get my laundry done!  And did I mention it is like 2 SECONDS from the house. LOL.  Amazing.  Tell you what.

And the the start of my day was the best news I have had in a long time.  It involves my new career as a photojournalist.  I have a job interview at Missouri Life Magazine Friday at 10 a.m.  I am crazy nervous and excited.  I’ll confess I almost started to cry from joy.  The owner of the magazine, whom I had emailed previously about a sales position listed on the website, emailed me and said that they just created a position for a part time administrative assistant.  She also said that she was impressed with my resume and that she wanted me to come in for an interview if I was interested.  “If I was interested”…pssshhhaaawww!  Of course I’m interested!  I’m switching careers and am in need of hands on experience.  I will work for free!  She even said that it could lead to an editorial position or even a couple of photog assignments.  ZOMG! And I don’t even know what the “Z” means but it seems appropriate!

Ok, so there was my awesome day, which isn’t even over yet.  I’m gonna catch the last few rays of sunlight and take pics of my awesome red comfy couch!