It’s been awhile world…

since I last blogged. I just haven’t been able to find the time lately. Work has been crazy. I honestly can’t wait to begin a career again and find a place where I’m not just working for a paycheck. I want to enjoy going to work and working hard with similar minded people, not a place where everyone is just there because they have to be. Morale is really down since our manager left us hanging and 3 people quit, and/or got fired, within a week. On the bright side my Spanish is improving every day 🙂

Regarding the job at the magazine, that’s been put on hold. I have now turned my efforts towards a couple of openings with local newspapers. One position is as a local business reporter with the Columbia Daily Tribune and the other is with Fulton Sun.

As a side note, Reno 911 is a really stupid show. I mean, seriously? But, I digress.

I am applying this week and I’ll let you know if I get any callbacks!

Also, I will publish some new photos soon. I meant to enter the photo contest for the Wabash bus station, but I didn’t have enough time this week to get there. I figure after I get the car fixed and things settle down I’ll begin to set up a studio in the extra room and start a couple of photo projects before school rolls around again.

Any ideas for a good photo shoot, or something you want me to photograph are more than welcome. I’ll post them to my blog with the original comment underneath and maybe we can get a discussion started.

That reminds me! I joined the photographers of Mid-Missouri meet up group. I couldn’t attend the first meeting, but I’m really excited to network with some local Columbia photographers. I also plan to photograph some fireworks on the fourth. Stay tuned world!