New pics and a new website to boot!

Yep, I have a bunch of new pictures I’m gonna post for you today.  First is a couple of shots of Chipotle.  I’ve been out of work for the past 2 weeks because of my gallbladder surgery.  I almost miss the place.  This first shot is one of my managers doing my job (changing the trash). lol.  Gotta love it.

The next is my buddy Chris.  The reason I like this pic so much is because it is 100% true to his personality.  He’s just a happy go lucky guys, even with a huge pile of dishes for him to tackle in the background!  I almost envy that persona.


As for an update on the position with Missouri Life Magazine, still waiting on that one.  I did receive an email from the ME there and she said call back again in about a month.  So that will be next week sometime.  I have been taking free software classes in InDesign at the University and I must say they are totally worth three hours of my time.  I can’t wait for the Photoshop classes.  You also get a certificate of completion and I believe the classes are Adobe Certified so that will really give me a leg up in the workforce without dishing out more money and more time at MU. Not that I am complaining about MU, but I just got my loan paperwork in the mail and I’m already up to almost $15,000.  So I need all the help I can get.  Hopefully I’ll qualify for J2000 this semester (so I won’t be get set back another year again) and get In-state tuition.  That will save me about 5 grand a semester or so!

But anyway….You should check out my new portfolio online.  I designed it myself and all of the photographs are Nichole Ballard originals.  Gonna be worth big bucks someday I tell ya! Like those people who bought the Ansil Adams negative from a yardsale and made millions this week!  Seriously, Google it.  So yeah, my website is at:  WWW.WIX.COM/NICHOLEBALLARD/PORTFOLIO.  I guess you could be lazy and just click the link or visit my Facebook  just the same, but there it is in all of it’s glory.

I also wanted to share some of my 4th of July photos with everyone.  Keep in mind that I haven’t done any post processing on these whatsoever!  The first one in the gallery was published in The Maneater.  The link to my staff page at the Maneater is:  Nichole Ballard- The Maneater.  Hope everyone had a great Independence Day.  Most of mine was spent walking around Columbia, looking for a good spot to take pictures of :P. In 90 degree weather!  But I really like the way they they turned out regardless.

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