Almost ready to start over…again

Well, I have a new job to get me through these last couple of months of school. I must say that it is horrible. It is obvious that I am ridiculously over qualified to be a hostess in a restaurant, but to top it off I was hired as a servers yet I do not serve and therefore make no money. It feels as though I’m starting all over again, the same place I was when I was 16, except this time I’m starting off with 40 grand in debt. The bitter truth is that I have to find a real job, probably one outside of my field of study. Back to working a 9-5er doing exactly what I went back to school to get away from.

Honestly, I don’t know where to go from here, I feel as if I am less prepared than before I went back to school and it was really a big waste of money. I want to take the leap and just freelance my photos out for myself after having some recent success in securing a large contract, but it just feels like I don’t know what I’m doing. “fake it till you make it” I suppose would be the correct response in this situation, but it’s difficult with my kind of personality.

Currently I am contemplating taking the Foreign Service Officer Test in Feb, but I found out that the chances of success is miniscule. I guess I’ll figure something out. I should just focus on a more professional website for the moment, and a few promos and business cards.

We shall see what happens, Yes?