On to bigger and better things. The scary road ahead.

Well, well. Looks like I’ve completed my goals for the last year: I interned at two magazines here in Columbia, Mo., had photos published in those magazines and improved my technical skills. I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a style along the way that I can call my own.

Now that I’m graduating the road ahead is reflecting the weather today, dark and dreary. I’ve been applying to several positions for staff photographer and reporter. Here are a few of the websites for the papers I’ve applied to:

The Deseret News

The Bellevue Reporter

The Courier

The Herald-Palladium

I’m hoping they will call and gush over how amazing I am. In the meantime I am trying to get these final paper finished. This semester has been difficult knowing that it’s do or die time for my future.

On a high note, I have finally finished my portfolio! (Yay!!) Here is the link: Nichole Ballard’s Portfolio. My next task is going to be improving my multimedia skills with some classes over at the public news station. I think, besides adding more dynamic stills to my portfolio, I need to show them some stellar multimedia samples. I’ll keep you posted.