Day 3/365- Eggs

In my constant quest to be a better photographer I stumbled upon a video by a photography teacher.  The video was a short lecture on seeing light. The instructor suggested that the simple exercise of photographing an egg was a good way to develop this precious skill in a photographer. Since I don’t consider myself above such menial tasks I decided to try it. Here are the results:


I really enjoyed this simple assignment. It gave me a chance to use a couple of gadgets that I don’t get to very often and was a good lesson in product shots and my new DIY gadget, white balance lens made at home (which works beautifully btw.)  I got the idea from a Flickr photography discussion here. The only lighting I used was from a floor lamp w/ adjustable head and a 60 watt light bulb. Who knew eggs were so pretty! Here is my favorite egg shot:


Shot at:

ISO 100
Canon 50mm f/1.4 FD lens with EF converter
Canon Rebel XTi