Selective Sharpening

Today I discovered a great technique that really helped my photos draw a viewer’s eye to a specific point: selective sharpening.

I was perusing Photoshelter’s blog and I came across this tutorial:

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Web Images Pop

I was really excited to see how photos translate onto a website differently, but what I got is some all around great advice about drawing a viewer’s eye to important parts of your photograph. I was really intrigued about this selective editing technique. Usually, I just use a “High Pass” filter in Photoshop to finalize my images. That’s how I was taught. But this alternative seems much more interesting because you can directly control what you choose to sharpen through a mask.

I did some searching and found this great tutorial that is easier to understand than Kristina Sherk’s explanation on Photoshelter’s blog. The only difference between how I used selective sharpen and the following tutorial was that I used the “High Pass” filter instead of “unsharp mask” filter.


Before selective sharpening

After selective sharpening

Thanks to all who post tutorials to improve and help us all understand technology better!