Overheard in the Newsroom

Overheard in the Newsroom.

This is by far the best Facebook site and website out there. I could not stop laughing.

A few samples:

The best quotes overheard in the newsroom:

Editor: “You can definitely quote those people.”  Reporter: “No… I didn’t identify myself as a reporter. I’ll have to call back.”  Reporter 2: “Yeah, just use a slightly different voice, that’ll work.”

Editor trying to come up with headline dealing with a dog: “Did the dog give them ‘paws?’”  Editor 2: “ … We need to stop talking about this … we’re losing brain cells as we speak.”

“Is it ‘Brangelina is’ or ‘Brangelina are?’”

Editor: “Our phones in the newsroom seem to have gone down.” IT support: “Can you get by for the night without them?”  Editor: “Well, we are trying to put out a newspaper. So probably not.”

Reporter: “Have you ever seen Ice Road Truckers? [Silence from the newsroom.] This is what happens when the remote in the gym is lost.”

Reporter on the phone: “I can’t imagine having a ferret with diarrhea.”

Reporter: “Newt Gingrich suspended his campaign.”  Page Designer: “This is bullshit! How am I supposed to live on the moon now?!”

Copy editor, reading a story about John Edwards: “Couldn’t we have put the words ‘crazy slut’ in the headline?”

“Are the stripper, prostitute and girlfriend all the same person?”

Photographer overhearing police scanner accident: “It sounds bad, but I’m not going out there if there’s no one injured.”

Managing Editor, while reading news briefs: “Did you guys know that Newt Gingrich suspended his campai-A CAT WAS BORN WITH BACKWARDS LEGS!”

Editor, after receiving notice of a murder-suicide: “They always die after deadline.”

Editor: “Just had a call from a guy who is upset that we are ruining his image because he is a minister and doesn’t want to be identified as a crack head.”

Editor to staff: “How the hell are we going to cover a flood, we don’t have a boat.”