I am officially a “Director of Photography”

Yay me! I have a title. What happened was I responded to a freelance ad on Craigslist.org. Usually I don’t bother, but it had been awhile and the job search was slowing to a trickle with graduation season under way. I decided to turn down the position offered to me in Wyoming—it wasn’t the right fit and finances played a large roll in the decision.

So I see an ad for freelance photographers wanted on Craigslist and I responded with some sample images. The ad wanted real estate photographers. I can do that. I sent in some shots of interiors I had in my vault of images (still getting that organized). And what do you know, I got a reply. From a real person. Crazy right. Turns out someone is starting a photo assignment agency here in Columbia. I personally believe this is a great way to tap into the local resource of photo graduates.

I meet with and discuss my photos. The owner has a lot a great ideas and needs help working the business end of a business directory launch. 360Columbia.com. Again—great idea. Apparently he appreciates my skill set of photography/administration. So now I run the business end of the photography for the business directory and I am working with him to set up and market this new assignment agency.

We’ve recruited some really excellent commercial photographers so far. Also, we did a test run for a not-for-profit: Daniel Boone Regional Library. Here are a couple of my shots from the library. I tried to focus on the amazing architectural features of the building:




I’ve always loved the graphic element of architecture and it seems like a good direction to go in developing a specialty outside of photojournalism. Not only that, but my eventual goal is to become a photo editor some day, and I think this experience is just the thing my resume needs to give it a boost in that direction.

We officially launch 360Columbia.com tomorrow. The site is up and running, but the full scale marketing towards realtors will begin. Fingers crossed this turns into a sustainable position sooner than later.