Hi.  I’m new to this whole blogging thing but I figure I better jump on the bandwagon and get hip with the times.  So this is me.  My name is Nichole.  I’m a journalist.  I guess I would be considered an aspiring photojournalist, but like my first J-professor said, “You have to remember that you are a professional journalist, act like one.”  Acting like a published journalist is my goal.

So yes, technically I am a Journalist, tadaaaaaa!  I love my dog, Cadence.  I love my two adorable cats, MuMu and Zelda.  And, I think that taking great pictures is not only documentary, but also an art form that I am trying to perfect.

So that’s a little bit about me and my family.  I wanted to begin this blog at first in order to document my search for experience this summer with a photographer.  I completed that goal! Now on to bigger and better things, an actual staff position somewhere now that I’ve graduated.