I’m moving up in the world, Baby.

So, I did eventually end up getting an internship with MissouriLife magazine. But only after I interned for Columbia Home. This new internship is wonderful. I’ve already had 2 assignments. I’ll post those… Continue reading

New pics and a new website to boot!

You should check out my new portfolio online. I designed it myself and all of the photographs are Nichole Ballard originals. Gonna be worth big bucks someday I tell ya!

It’s been awhile world…

since I last blogged. I just haven’t been able to find the time lately. Work has been crazy. I honestly can’t wait to begin a career again and find a place where I’m… Continue reading

Gosh what a great day… what a lovely, lovely day.

“If I was interested”…pssshhhaaawww! Of course I’m interested!

Air Show pictures from the 22nd annual salute to Veterans in Columbia…

As promised here are my edited pics from the Air Show.  I was supposed to be there on Saturday, but this week has been crazy, so I decided to go on Sunday.  I… Continue reading

Ok, so I applied to a magazine today…

http://www.MissouriLife.com is the website.  They are a local magazine and initially I was just checking out their web site because of what my adviser suggested…I’ll tell you about that later.  Well apparently they… Continue reading

No Luck!

Ok, so far I have researched a butt-load of potential studio photographers and emailed the ones I would work best with the style I agree with.  No Luck.  Not even a response to… Continue reading

Hello world!

Hi.  I’m new to this whole blogging thing but I figure I better jump on the bandwagon and get hip with the times.  So this is me.  My name is Nikki.  I’m a… Continue reading

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